The Technology
- A hardwired ethernet based smart controller which is DIN mountable, installed in the Apartments Consumer unit. The resicentral® unit requires an ethernet networking cable and network switches, plus a VPN. All controls are centrally cabled and managed by the resiCORE™ controller.

New builds, renovations, or properties in development both large and small scale utilising a structured network  cabling system.
- ResiCORE™ technology can be used in conjunction with resiAIR™, resiNODES™ and custom resiEDGE™ to complete your smart living solution, enhancing your experience on the resicentral® platform .

Control and Monitoring Features
LED Lighting both binary and dimmable
- Temperature and Humidity monitoring      
- Heating Control    
- SMART TV control
- Blinds and Curtains Control     
- Occupancy detection



Our Technology



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