Our Technology
- ResiNODES™ are compact, cost-effective devices that have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capability, they can connect various sensors, controllers and building devices via our resiAIR™ and resiEDGE™.

We can provide customised integration to existing third party devices that you may already have installed in your buildings, saving time and expense of upgrading functional devices and hardware.
- ResiNODES™ technology can be used in conjunction with resiAIR™, resiCORE™, and custom resiEDGE™ technology to complete your smart living solution, enhancing your experience on the resicentral® platform .

Capabilities and services:
 - Controlling lighting, both LED illumination and RGBW feature lighting
- Controlling and sensing HVAC
- Air conditioning units
- Controlling Heating systems-Controlling Doors, Gates and Barriers
- Controlling mains water flow in properties
- Integrating to third party Energy and Gas Meters
- Controlling curtains, blinds, screens and walls
- Occupancy detection
- Integrating to environmental sensors and plant room equipment
- Bespoke integrations with third party software.

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Our Technology



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