Smarter living starts here: secure, save and innovate.

Protect your property, reduce costs and create comfortable living spaces.

resicentral® seamlessly integrates with your property, offering immediate valuable insights and a direct path to regaining control.

Experience unparalleled transparency with a single portal that consolidates data, monitoring, and insights.

Yet, the power of resicentral® extends beyond data. Take back control from anywhere and automate your property management processes—because it's action that counts!

Energy Monitoring & Heating Controls
Lighting & Device Controls
Noise & Sound Levels
Occupancy Monitoring
Temperature Monitoring
Humidity Monitoring
Indoor Air Quality
Ambient Light Levels
Tamper Detection
Aspirated Particulate Sensor

Designed for you.

Whether you let out your holiday home or serviced accommodation, have multi development units, or own or manage student accommodation, resicentral provides you with peace of mind at your fingertips.

We equip you with the tools to not only make the most out of your building, but to protect it, whilst creating the best experience for your tenants' or guests' and respecting their privacy.

Accumulative Stats & Benchmarking
Scalable Property Management
Property Monitoring Dashboards
ESG Portal & Performance Reporting
Mobile Apps
Customisable Alerts & Notifications
Integrates with your PMS
3rd Party API Intergrations
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Our integration partners
Our integration partners

Designed for your building.

We know that it's not one size fits all, that's why we have developed additional features for our larger buildings, that require an even deeper level of operational efficiencies.

Concierge Messaging
User Controls
Client Branded Apps
Video Intercom Integration
Access Control
Resident Engagement

Our services.

Our involvement ranges from scheme design to procurement and complete turnkey installations. We are empathetic to the use of our technologies within buildings and look to enhance the overall aesthetics, saving or combining costs wherever possible to benefit our clients without compromising the end result.  

We operate a SAAS based recurring revenue model which is scaled depending on the level of services provided from energy management through to complete smart buildings.  Our platform creates energy savings and a conduit to operational efficiencies, whilst providing an effective experience to improve tenant retention and seamlessly improving the management and security of buildings. Complementing technology integrations such as access control and video entry are used together with other IoT products to provide valuable data and insights.

We offer projects on a Design and Build, Integrated Project Delivery or Supply and Integration basis. Using our own product, resiAIR™, resiNODES™ and resiEM™, and combing these with other existing technologies into the Resicentral® platform, creating a single valued proposition.

As part of our ongoing commitment, we provide technical support for both installers and end clients with graded and escalated response.

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resicentral, helping owners take back control of their properties, everywhere.

Taking control of your property doesn't have to be a hassle.

resicentral uses advanced technology to make sure installation and operation is hands-free, hassle-free.
Easy install
Minimal downtime
Works anywhere in your property
Low maintenance
Instant access
Planet friendly
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